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Tech News Today 16: Premature iPhone Activation

by TWiT

Published June 22, 2010

Early iPhone 4 deliveries, Apple and the FBI tracking your location, advertisers and Google invading your privacy, and more.

Run time 41:32
Producer TWiT
Audio/Visual sound, color
Language English


Tom Merritt
Becky Worley
Erik Lanigan
Guest: Gil Cabrera


Gil demos his new iPhone4

No iPhone4 at AT&T stores on Thursday

Full version of Adobe Flash coming to Android

Apple collecting and sharing location information
To opt out of Apple's iAds, use your ipod/ipad/iphone browser and go to

FBI tracks criminals using cell phone activity without warrant

FTC representative says current privacy laws are broken

Users get a do-not-call list for targeted online ads

Nintendo 3DS design still open to change

Skype releases an open SDK for use on multiple devices

Digital downloads not killing old media yet

Becky reviews online virtual assistants

Voicemail from Bill about Minority Report interface becoming reality

Email from Aldo about iPhone pre-order mixup

Email from Jerry about Google volunteering captured WiFi data

Email from Samus about Telstra's new strategy


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